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The homeowners of this project are near and dear to my heart. I would call them my in-laws, but really they are my friends and I’m blessed to have them in my life.  And I had the privilege of helping them put together some of the design elements for their new condo. Check it out!


Who: Active, world traveling retired couple

What: They built a beautiful new condo; now it was time to tailor it to make it feel like home.

Project Requirements: In their open plan, the dining area was a central connector to several other rooms. This room was the most on display and needed to flow well with the surrounding kitchen, living area, front entry & office space. We were purchasing some new items and working with some existing items. Selecting colors that worked well together was key. Another element was providing some special finishing touches to the space to really show their personality.

THE RESULT (Shown below in after photos):


 We created a custom sized area rug through the company FLOR. The custom shape fit the space better than ready made rug sizes, and also let us get creative as we chose three different styles of the Flor carpet tiles and pieced them together to create this one-of-a-kind look.


This picture shows how the colors of the surrounding areas work together.


We turned a white Ikea Billy shelf into a china hutch, personalized with fabric behind the shelves to create a customized look.

The fabric coordinates with the green paint in the living room.


Close up of the shelf with fabric.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and this busy family was ready to rejuvenate their kitchen space into something more functional, beautiful and conducive to lots of family activity! We came alongside them to create a design plan to make that happen… (special thanks to my clients for sending me their “after” photos!)


Who: Family of Six

What: Complete kitchen renovation. Everything goes! They already had some great inspiration and a supplier for their cabinetry, countertops & appliances but needed a plan to put all of the pieces together.

Project Requirements: The old kitchen did not function well for the family. The space was chopped up and not cohesive.They needed a kitchen plan that updated the space, utilized every square foot, accommodated their growing family, and provided the function and organization they were lacking. The new kitchen also needed to flow well with the open plan of the home.

THE RESULT (Shown below in before & after photos):

The Kitchen BEFORE:

March 2011-McLean Befores 036


The Kitchen AFTER:




The Kitchen BEFORE:


March 2011-McLean Befores 011


The Kitchen AFTER:



The Kitchen BEFORE:


March 2011-McLean Befores 022


The Kitchen AFTER:





I love this project, because it shows just how much you can do with new furniture, lighting and accessories. If you think a room re-do HAS to involve major construction, or new paint and flooring, that’s not necessarily true. If you are already happy with the main starting elements of your room (wall color & flooring) then why change it up? Just add in some new furniture, accessories and upgrade your lighting to transform your space into your favorite new place to be. I worked with this family to create a design plan to do just that. Check out the details…


Who: Family of six- Mom & Dad, and 4 teenage (or almost teenage) children plus one adorable Beagle dog

What: A lower level family room area. Their needs for this space had changed as their children grew. They wanted to upgrade their family room to a comfy space more conducive for movie watching, entertaining and keeping up with their favorite sports teams. They were happy with their flooring and wall color, but needed to replace just about every piece of furniture in the space, and they were also ready to upgrade their audio/visual as well.

Project Requirements: 

This space had to be multipurpose: They needed a space that could accomplish several different activities: TV viewing, entertaining, an arts & crafts area, a family computer & homework area, a place for “dinner theater”- a special night when the family would eat dinner together while watching a movie.

New lighting: The space needed layered lighting, which means different sources of light in the same room, for different purposes. Such as, overhead lighting, accent and task light.

Personality: They wanted this space to flow with the rest of their home,  and they desired to combine their favorite family photos with a collection of sports memorabilia.

Affordability: Comfort and style for a reasonable price tag was a necessity.

THE RESULT (Shown below in before & after photos):

The Family Room BEFORE:


The Family Room AFTER:

D81_4986 (1)crop



AFTER Shot of the new media wall:




AFTER: Homework Area




AFTER shot, showing another way they could arrange the chairs in the space:




Here’s another fun before & after from my own house. This was what the master bedroom in our house looked like right before we moved in (previous owner’s stuff still there):


JP10642This is the view as you walked in the room. More wall paper that had to go, the carpet went as well!



And after- this room did present some layout challenges (where should the bed go??) We moved the bed against the window wall instead of having it block the entry way. It really opened up the room. Also, you can see from the before pic just how much taller/bigger the room looks by hanging the curtains “high & wide”- all the way up to the ceiling, and beyond the window trim. This is a trick I use all the time. We added some inexpensive mirrors to the closet doors as well, for both function and to make the room appear larger.





AFTER (progress shot):


Still in progress but mostly finished- (the TV cords still need to be hidden) and I am still playing around with the best way to store everything in a small space and not create clutter. I do enjoy the wall hanging jewelry organizer (found that at Hobby Lobby, of all places. I loved the “Anthropologie-esque” look of it) The bird prints on the wall are from an old book I found at a thrift store, the mirror is home goods and the lamp is Joss & Main. The pink tile still remains beyond that bathroom door but we’ve made the most of it for now (I’ll post some pics of that later) with some retro artwork and linens that tie into the master bedroom.

Here’s a close up of the jewelry organizer:


AFTER (progress shot):


This is what you see right now when you enter the room. Still working on this area too. I’d love to put a cool mid-century low dresser or shelf/storage here in place of what’s going on. I used to have my Eames lounge in the corner, but since we also have to incorporate our two puppy crates for our pugs, Rocco & Pearl, I moved it elsewhere. I am still brainstorming a creative way to incorporate the dog crates into a storage furniture piece. The tall dresser is a goodwill find, repainted. The frames I already had and added the decorative J & A to finish it off. All that to say, this area isn’t done yet!

DSC_0032A closer shot of the wall arrangement- photos from our early dating days & wedding, and artsy shots of downtown Grand Rapids where we got engaged. This is a way you can add personality to your own bedroom- add photos of your favorite trips, places that are special to you and make you happy, and photos of happy memories. Make it your own.

Had to share this post of my own little man’s “big boy” bedroom. Due to my husband’s love of Star Wars, we decided to give my 2 1/2 year old son a Star Wars inspired room. I wanted it to be fun, but not overly theme-y (is that a word?). So here’s what it looks like now (and in my house, nothing is final as I am always tweaking things! ):

star wars room

General overview of the room. You might recognize the toddler bed & side table- they were from my daughter’s room (she upgraded to a taller bed) and we didn’t even have to reupholster it like I originally thought. We kept the brown curtains from his “baby” room, as well as the white shelf and dresser. The quilt is from Target- I was about the get one of the Pottery Barn quilts and found this for a fraction of the price! The Storm Trooper lamp came from Amazon, the rug is from Ikea and was repurposed from another room in our house.

star wars room

Better view of the ceiling (yep those are glow in the dark stars, from PotteryBarn Kids)

star wars room

We got these Star Wars wall decals from Etsy- great place to look if you want to get some unique Star Wars art & decoration. I put this with more glow in the dark stars on the wall next to the bed, but up high so little toddler fingers couldn’t peel them off!


And of course, every Star Wars room needs a glowing light saber- I got ours from Zulily, but Amazon also carries it. The artwork of the Star Wars Ships is from Etsy as well. (and one of my favorite details in the room)

Star Wars Room

Speaking of details, this fun wall decal also came from Etsy.


A view of the other side of the room.

Star Wars Room

And one last gem from Etsy, another wall decal that we put above the bed. This just made me smile.

Adding in artwork & accessories is one of my favorite parts of design. Icing on the cake? I think so. So, in my own hallway it was great to finally finish one of my endless “to do list” projects. Creating a family photo wall.

I had one kind of going already, but it only consisted of a few large square photos and I wanted to add in some others- some older ones of grandparents mixed in with other family and our kids, of course. I’d love to tell you that I sat down and painstakingly measured out the arrangement to the last detail, but in reality, I eye-balled it and started hammering into the wall (precisely the reason I don’t hang photos myself for my clients but will come up with arrangements for them instead!) While I don’t have a “formula”, here are a few helpful hints when hanging your own photo arrangement:

1. Start with the biggest pieces first, and arrange smaller ones around them. This will anchor your arrangement.

2. Incorporate artwork/decorative accessories (like wall sconces, for example) with your photos. This makes it interesting and uniquely yours.

3. Buy frames first, and arrange the frames how you like on the wall. Print photos to fit the frames once you have the arrangement up on the wall.

4. Have some consistency & repetition in your arrangement, whether that be the type of frame, color of the frame, the color of the mats, black & white photos, color photos, a mix of color & black and white, etc.

5. For more hints & ideas check out my “DIY” board on pinterest, and also do a search on pinterest for “how to arrange photos” and you’ll get lots of helpful tips!

Enjoy my lovely “point and shoot” camera pics of my family photo wall…

ImageI chose to do a mix of black & white and color and lots of frames. I like the eclectic look, and seeing all of those photos makes me happy every day.


Imageanother angle. I was going to leave the small wall blank, but once I got the main wall arrangement up I kept it going and love how it turned out!ImageThere are still some photos & art I’m going to swap out, but this is the arrangement at the moment! (and yes, that “P” stands for the first initial in my last name, and yes, I stole the idea from pinterest- it’s just fabric stretched on a canvas with a painted letter hot glued on top)ImageDon’t forget to add in those cool old family photos. The sepia tone one above is my grandparents (I think they have sort of a “Bonnie & Clyde” vibe going on. I want that hat) and below it are my groovy parents, and a photo of my grandparent’s farm.